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George Blount

George Blount

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08/14/13 08:15 PM #3    

Pat Yearby (Wheeler)

  That is very sweet and touching. I want to be sure to see you at our reunion and give you a big NBHS  hug for being such a dear person.



10/27/13 08:03 PM #4    

Sam Simmons

Yesterday, Oct.26, my wife and I attended the memorial service for George Blount at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Boone, NC. It was a touching event, and we were very glad to represent the Class of  '63. An informal remembrance after the interment  was something indeed to witness. Julia and I were the only people outside of his extended family, until late in the ceremony, and there were plenty of laughs and plenty of tears. I was honored to be there and to learn more about the first friend I made when I moved to Raleigh in 1958.

Thank you, Steve Stevenson, for posting on our site the information that led me to the ceremony. George's sister, Susan Hill, was dear friends with my sister, Susie, and they were both in the Class of '60. I gave Susie Susan Hill's email address in case she wanted to say hello. Susan Hill told me yesterday that they have been in constant contact ever since. It's amazing how the threads of communication weave around a site such as we have here. We may feel the light is dimming now that we have had our 50th reunion, and indeed our numbers are fewer, but I feel the light is still strong and warming to my memories of the friends in our class. Let's visit each other via this site and keep the light shining!

Sam Simmons



10/28/13 02:06 PM #5    

Charles Stott

Thank you Sam for that touching remembrance.  I emailed George's sister when I read the post from Steve about George's death, and received a kind note back from her.  I told her what a good friend George was to many of us, and that I recall fondly how I don't believe I ever heard a negative word about any other person cross George's lips.  He was a class guy in all respects, as are you.

Charlie Stott

10/28/13 03:05 PM #6    

Mary Susan Kirk (Fulghum)

Thanks so much, Sam, for your dear remembrances of George and the beautiful comments about his memorial service. I have ties with George and Susan as we were Methodists growing up together, and their dad was a beloved Methodist minister. Also, thank you for taking the time and consideration to represent all of us at this service. I missed being with all of  you in August , due to the unexpected premature arrival of my grandson, Kirk Fulghum Holm, so these precious comments like yours and Charlie's mean so much to me. Yes, please keep in touch by email until we meet again! My very best to your Julia.

With great appreciation,

Mary Susan Kirk Fulghum

10/28/13 05:25 PM #7    

Millie Williams (Georgopoulos)

All the comments above reflect my thoughts, too. George was a special person, and all of us can treasure the friendship we had with him... AND we can treasure the friendships we shared (and share) with each other.

10/29/13 10:22 AM #8    

Ginger Grier (Booker)

Sam - Your stories about George and how he was the first one to befriend you - your first friend at school - mean the world.  I didn't realize the connection extended even further to your sister and his.  I'm sure the appreciative comments here are echoed by so many of your friends and George's in our class.  Thanks to you and Julia for attending George's memorial service and for carrying thoughts of us in your heart.

'Loved seeing you at the reunion!

Ginger Grier Booker


And always thanks to Steve for keeping this site going.

10/30/13 07:43 PM #9    

John Foxworth

Thanks for all the great comments about George. When we were at Daniels. George and I used to walk home together. We debated if we were related since I had relatives named Blount in my family. We, also, went to Christ Episcopal Church together. He was a very smart guy and I will miss him. We have lost too many classmates and that is a shame. Too many times, we got very involved in our lives and missed out on the lives of our classmates and friends. George, you were a good and loyal friend to us all!

10/31/13 12:27 PM #10    

Tommy Baker

It seems to me that friendships are like threads running through one's life. Some are brilliantly colored, strong, foundational. Others are perhaps not quite as bright nor as strong, but long nevertheless. If we are lucky, those threads combine to form a comforting blanket that we can wrap around ourselves throughout life.


George's thread in my life flared brightly. It seemed to disappear periodically into the fabric of everyday life, only to reappear again as his health waxed and waned. I admired his intelligence and his entrepenurial skill. I mourned that disease robbed him - and us - of all that he could have been.I wear with pride the blanket of friendship he helpd form.   

10/31/13 06:04 PM #11    

John Nicks

Well I am a person from all you nice folks' past. John Nicks. I remember George well. He was methodist PK like I was.

After my Junior Year wen I learn my Dad had been ask to leave Raleigh and move to Wilmington. I was distrought od leaving without finishing my Senior Year. My parents as I remember had made arrangements with George's parents for me to live with them my senior year. Things just did not work out. Whe i arrive in Wilmington Coach Brogden was sitting on our front steps and that was that. I will always remember the warm welcome I received when I returned that basketball season on Your home court. When I stepped up to the foul line, it was deafning quiet. No one booed. There were signs in the locker room welcoming me back home. What great Memories!!! John Nixks


10/31/13 06:24 PM #12    

Nick Nicholson

Everyone has had such nice things to say about George. I remember George as being a kind soul, with never a bad word about anyone or anything. I feel truly blessed to have had George Blount as my friend, and I will carry my memory of him forever.

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