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03/30/21 12:11 PM #281    


Ben Park

Thanks, Sandy - Yes, it is

Hayes Barton @ 100

by Terry A. Henderson

03/30/21 02:55 PM #282    

David Crenshaw

I sent a message and got a nice phone call from John Williamson about the book Hayes Barton @ 100.  I have not lived in Raleigh in many decades and he told me of the name changes to Daniels Jr HI and of Cameron Village. It even seems our fathers knew each other. 

Anyway as for the book, here is the order form that John sent to me:

Hayes Barton @100Pre-Paid Order Form

Complete this form with one of the payment methods below. Only paid orders accompanied by a completed form can be filled.

486-page history of Hayes Barton

Soft-bound 6 x 9” format with removable neighborhood map and internet link to additional resources

65+ stories and vintage pictures throughout, including bonus neighborhood photos

Published for the neighborhood’s centennial 1920-2020

The book will be available for pick up in early November. Due to the pandemic, a book signing will be arranged at a later time. To accommodate safety concerns, I will email you with the consecutive days and hours when you can drive up for contactless delivery at the Masonic Temple, 1520 Caswell Street, to receive your book(s). Only pre-paid orders will be filled. Payment only by PayPal personal payment (thenderson.1000, Venmo (Terry-Henderson-46), or by check payable to Hayes Barton @100Book Salessent to 1001 Vance St., Raleigh, NC 27608. Please complete required* information below:

*Name: _______________________________________*E-mail address: _____________________________________

*Street/City/Zip Address: _______________________________________________________________Phone:____________________________

Full USPS Shipping address if different from above: (No P. O. Boxes): _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Copies @$20 plus $1.50 (NC/Wake Sales tax) Shipping/handling: $5.00 per book via USPS

Number of copies ordered: ____ x $21.50 per copy (see chart) = Shipping if applicable (@$5.00 per book = Grand Total: books + sales tax + shipping =

Indicate payment made: by____ PayPal; by ____Venmo _____; or by _______ Check


1 x $21.50 = $ 21.50 2 x $21.50 = $ 43.00 3 x $21.50 = $ 64.50 4 x $21.50 = $ 86.00 5 x $21.50 = $107.50 6 x $21.50 = $129.00 7 x $21.50 = $150.50 8 x $21.50 = $172.00 9 x $21.50 = $193.50 10x$21.50 = $215.00

Special Instructions:

04/05/21 10:55 AM #283    


Charlie Hepler

NOFO at FIVE POINTS has autograph copies of HAYES BARTON @ 100. Cost is $21.35


04/12/21 08:09 PM #284    


Billy Stinson


Billy Stinson, 75, June 11, 1945 - April 8. 2021

Last Thursday Billy left us and flew to Jesus. What sustained him throughout life, no matter what came his way, was his deep devotion to Jesus.  Billy had the amazing ability to look at life like few can.  He was so genuine and open with his relationships, his gifts, and his talents. Unique to the core, he lived life with love, laughter, joy, music and song.  A born storyteller, he  had a fascinating way of teaching, explaining different aspects of life in a way that no one would forget. We are enriched with “billyisms”. Our lives will not be the same without him. 


A Visitation will be held on Friday, April 16th from 5-8pm @ GCF Church located at 1407 S. Evans Street, Greenville. Please park in the back off of 14th street. If you wish, bring your treasured Billy memorabilia to share with the family at the visitation.  


A Celebration of Billy’s life will be held on Saturday, April 17th at 2 o clock @ John Paul II High School gymnasium located at 2725 E. 14th Street, Greenville.  Please wear your favorite “Billy” attire (think bright colors and patterns, tie dye, serapes and sandals) and non-scuffing shoes for the gym floor.  


04/13/21 11:41 AM #285    


David Gerstel

Damn,  Billy, you are gone. I am sorry to hear that. I was hoping to see you one more time.  We collided in high school. No need to say why here, but we had a good talk about all that a few years back. I am proud of your having evolved into a sandal wearing, bright color loving, Jesus admiring, down to earth 21st century dude. I hope you are happily playing your guitar somewhere. I'll be sad that I can't talk with you a last time, at least not here. 

04/13/21 12:40 PM #286    


Nancy Jacobs (Jenkins)

Billy, I have the most wonderful memories of you going all the way back to Fred Olds.  Some of my favorites are of you and Robert Howard and Robbie Gullette playing all those Kingston Trio songs.  What a wonderful legacy you leave with us from Broughton to all the students whose lives you must have touched in Greenville.  Know they are singing up a storm in heaven with you and Robbie.  We will miss you greatly!


04/13/21 02:10 PM #287    


Gail Shelley (Duncan)

Besides the amazing talent of Billy, playing music with Robert  Howard and others, my favorite memory of Billy comes from our days at Fred OIds.  We both had Miss Watson for fifth grade, and, when we couldn't go outside for recess, we'd often play a chase game in the classroom. I don't remember exactly how it was played, except that one of us would chase another classmate around the room with an erasor on our heads.  It was never a fair game with Billy; his hair was so thick and curly that the erasor almost never fell from his head.  I'm smiling now remembering those days, and hoping that he is now up there, singing his heart out, entertaining his fellow angels.  

04/13/21 03:25 PM #288    


Tommy Baker

If we are lucky we have close friends for the various seasons of our lives. I was one of the luckly ones during the early Spring of my life because Billy was my close friend.  He provided the color we all needed at that time - funny, irreverent, talented, and loyal. Other seasons came, and we lost touch. But those early memories are imbeded so deeply that it takes only a moment to bring them up - Billy discovering the meaning on wassaling and going door to door with his guitar one Christmas; painting his basement black and hanging the Players Retreat sign salvaged from the fire; listening for hours to the Kingston Trio; appearing on Uncle Paul's show on WRAL; selling figs from the tree in his backyard to a local grocery store; exploring the steam tunnels under the NC State campus.


Thank you my friend. You provided joy and wonder, and I hope you - and your family - now find both in abundance.


Rest now, thou good and faithful servant.



04/13/21 03:35 PM #289    


Andy Pate

So sorry to hear Billy passed. Had great memories from Danials JH with Billy dodging Ms Cannon in the halls before home room. He was unique then and obviously lived a successfuly full life. Rest in Peace Billy. 

04/14/21 10:29 AM #290    


Christine Oliver (Oliver)

Billy was truly one of a kind. He will be missed - even by those like me who did not know him well. 

04/14/21 04:11 PM #291    

Frances Haywood (Bullock)

I have wonderful memories of Billy.   We grew up in the same neighborhood and I woul see him riunning down the alley with determination and a smile on his face.  I will miss knowing that he is on this earth but will remember him with a smile.   Frances Haywood Bullock 

04/14/21 04:11 PM #292    

Frances Haywood (Bullock)

I have wonderful memories of Billy.   We grew up in the same neighborhood and I woul see him riunning down the alley with determination and a smile on his face.  I will miss knowing that he is on this earth but will remember him with a smile.   Frances Haywood Bullock 

04/19/21 08:56 PM #293    


Ken Helser

About our friend, Billy Stinson...

"What sustained him throughout life, no matter what came his way, was his deep devotion to Jesus." There is nothing greater that can be said about Billy than that he made Jesus Christ Lord of his life. Years ago I ran across an album he made with his wife, called "The Merchant Ship." I did a five minute radio program in those days and I must have worn that record out for every track was real. Genuine. From the heart. Beautiful music that spoke volumes. I never got to talk to Billy about his conversion experience, but that's okay. What matters is that he was not ashamed to call Jesus Lord. Jesus said once that "If you confess me on earrh–– not be ashamed of me–– I will confess your name to my Father in heaven." That meant for Billy ETERNAL LIFE. As we all have lived past our "three scrore and ten" we are all soon going to leave this earth in death. I pray all who knew and loved Billy Stinson might so what he did before this life ends: Be sustained by having a "deep devotion to Jesus." That is the greatest legacy anyone could have and the only thing that matters forever. How trvial all else is. I rest assured Billy is tining his harp to the Key of David, and oh what harmony he is singing with the angels, who non stop praise HIM, with Holy, Holy, Holy! Won't be long if we have the assurance of Christ's invitation that whoever call on His name He will save from eternal death to live eternal life... and it's Reality that we will get to join in with Billy in praise and worship that beats anything we have ever experienced on earth. Bless you all, Ken Helser




12/15/21 04:22 PM #294    


Peggy Bell (Poe)

365 Heartfelt Prayers to Encourage You and Me

Here is the link on Amazon to my new book, “365 Heartfelt Prayers to Encourage You and Me,” containing the prayers I’ve been writing all year.  Type “365 Heartfelt Prayers” to find it on Amazon, available in Kindle and paperback.  The Kindle has a sample to read, starting with January 1st.  Here’s hoping this book will encourage you greatly in the year to come!

12/30/21 05:06 PM #295    

David Crenshaw

My brother Dennis Crenshaw (Broghton '65) sent me an interesting YouTube link concerning a Broughton alumni. Richard Floyd McCoy, Jr graduated in 1961 so some of you may remember him.  Do you remember the hi jacking of the Nortwest Airliner in Portland in 1971 that was done my D. B. Cooper?  Turns out D.B.Cooper was Richard Floyd McCoy, Jr.!   He ,with his wife's help, also hi jacked a plane the next year but got caught and went to prison. But he was never indicated for the D.B. Cooper hi jack in 1971

He excaped and was evently caurgh and kiiled by the FBI.  The family secret has just recently come out since Richard's wife and mother died last year. His daughter and son wanted the truth to  come out and expalin their fathers life....a decorated Vietnam vet who came back with PTSD, could not get a job and was desperate with 2 small children

If you want to watch the YOutub video;  or just look on YOuTiube under D. B. Cooper by Dan Grider.

It is really long at 2 hrs, 48 min so if you want to skip to about 1 hr, 15 min point you will get most of the story.

02/25/22 11:49 AM #296    


Mary Scott


04/11/22 08:12 PM #297    

Norman Cole

It is with sadness that I am reporting the passing of my cousin, Sue Compton Williams, a member of the Broughton class of '63.  Sue had for many years lived in St John's Island, South Carolina, with her husband and family.  For the last few years she nad been increasingly been affected by medical problems.  Her humor, laughter and beauty will be missed.  

Please remember her and keep her and her family in your prayers.

Norman Cole





04/12/22 10:18 AM #298    


Charles Stott

Sue and Ed were great friends of ours when they lived in Winston-Salem. I often drive by their house here in the hood and miss them both terribly. Sue was a caring, thoughtful and giving Christian woman, always at the ready for others.

Charlie Stott

04/12/22 11:16 AM #299    


Nancy Jacobs (Jenkins)

This news is truly sad.  Sue was one of the most genuinely lovely people ever.  Sending prayers to Ed and her family for peace and the joy of memories.

04/17/22 09:19 PM #300    


Janice Young (Britson)

While cleaning attic, I could not believe, (but then again I could!⁵) I found my formidable 400-word spelling list from Mrs. Peacock's class, I believe. Knowing these always gave me great scores on State jobs that required spelling tests, and improved grade on college writing. I value her teaching more and more!

07/11/22 11:06 AM #301    


Bill Hube

Here is the email I sent earlier with notice of Eddie Schwerin's death. It will now be in our Message Forum. In Memory on our Home Page has also been updated...Bill Hube 


I received a message this weekend from Deborah White Cashwell with word of Eddie Schwerin's death. She also attached his obituary, which you will find below.

I remember Eddie from grade school up through our years at Broughton as being friendly, thoughtful, and quite an athlete. He was an amazing guy, living life to the fullest. We will miss him.



From:  Deborah White Cashwell

L Edward Ralph Schwerin, Jr., 77, died in the early morning of July 9, 2022 at his home in Siler City, North Carolina. He was surrounded by his family and close friends. Ed had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of this year. Edward grew up in Five Points, Raleigh and graduated from Broughton High School. His parents were Edward Ralph Schwerin, Sr., a dental lab operator, and Annie Wilson Butler Schwerin, a private nurse. Growing up, Ed was a big swimmer, lifeguard, and football star. He was a fast driver, and a tinkerer of cars and electronics. He had a lucrative paper route that helped him buy his first home. He was described as the most handsome man in Raleigh in the 1960’s. Ed entered the United States Army Reserve and served as Military Police in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He came home after President Kennedy was assassinated and entered NCSU where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Ed became an Industrial Arts teacher in Durham and Wake Forest. He left teaching to work for Cast-A-Stone and then bought Colony Hardware with his wife, Anne Schwerin. The family ran a successful hardware and landscaping company for many years. When he and Anne divorced, he moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina and started multiple business projects. Ed and his son, Michael worked together and traveled on adventures for many years. Ed was a Piper Cherokee pilot, sailed extensively and was a scuba diver in his later years. Edward realized he loved hanging with hippies when his daughter Tami volunteered him to be Camp Ranger at the Shakori Hills Festival of Music and Dance in Silk Hope, North Carolina. He enjoyed many years on the festival circuit, making many friends and training camp rangers along the way. Ed was a quiet, yet gregarious man who made friends with everyone. Ed was a lover of RV’s, and adored traveling with Charlotte. As the pandemic broke out, Ed and Charlotte found the perfect farm in Siler City and moved in with belted Galloway cows, horses, chickens, goats and beautiful gardens. Edward is survived by his beloved partner, Charlotte Vetter, his son, Michael Schwerin, daughter, Tamela Schwerin, his sister Julia Schwerin Earp, and his dog Sammy. He is also survived by his grandson Arlo Estill, his son-in-law, Lyle Estill, his step-grandchildren Jessalyn Kiesa and Kaitlin Estill and his great grandchildren, Margot Kiesa and Aidan Zafer Kiesa and his ex-wife Anne Schwerin. Ed was preceded in passing by his grandson, Zafer Estill. When Ed received his diagnosis, he decided to purchase the RV of his dreams from a dealer in Florida. A family friend picked it up, drove it to NC, repaired it and delivered it a day before Edward died. Edward’s burial will be held July 24th @ 10.00am at the Sanctuary of the Burrow in Moncure, North Carolina with a Second Line jazz band, Bulltown Strutters. He will be buried next to his grandson, Zafer. His service and Celebration of Life will be held at 12 noon July 24th at his dream home, Rockin’ Horse Farm in Siler City. All are welcome to celebrate this great man’s life. Donations in Edward Schwerin’s name can be made to Chatham Animal Rescue and Education.

06/20/23 12:35 PM #302    


Sandra Crosby (Forehand)

I need help from my Raleigh classmates please!  My Mother and Father are buried at Montlawn Memorial Park Cemetary and the cemetary use to partner with a flower company that provided silk flowers several times during the year.  I was just told that they don't provide that service any more so I am looking for a company that cleans tombstones, grass edging several times a year, and silk flowers two to four times a year.  Any recommendations?  

07/13/23 07:08 AM #303    


Pat Yearby (Wheeler)

Hello all:

 The pictures that I made   at our 60th reunion have been posted to the PHOTO GALLERY. They also have been posted to our Face Book page.All that were not able to attend were sorely missed. Audrey said that she is talking about another reunion in two years. OMG, we all will be 80 years old. I hope to make that one and to continue to make pictures, just like I have done for the past 40 years.

 Be well and prosper,

Pat Yearby Wheeler


08/24/23 12:21 PM #304    


Rick Hamilton

It is very disheartning to hear about the passing of Billy High. He was a great human being and a guy who never met anyone that didn't like Billy for his jovial characteristics and good humor. Billy and I had a lot of classes together and I got to know him very well. He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him and his family. My deepest sympathy to Billy's family and all who knew him as a friedn.

05/21/24 07:46 PM #305    


Sue Wilkinson (Thompson)

Ladies of the class of 1963

A goup of ladies called the Divas have been getting together for over 12 years.  ALL ladies members of our class of 1963 have always been welcome.

WE meet the 1st Tuesday in June and the 1st Tuesday in December at Winstons Grill in Raleigh at 11am...for picture taking and lunch dutch treat 11:30am.

This year there is a conflict  of dates as the Divas and our class are meeting on the same day June 4th. at different restaurants .Just  bad timing!

Any of you interesting in catching  up making some new friends from our class feel free to contact me.

Dec. 3rd will be out next  outing followed by June 3rd 2025 and Dec 2nd 2025

all I need is full name with an email address so I can send out the news from time to time and any updates.

Contact me Sue Wilkinson Thompson at or text 252 646 6669 If you text tell me who your are since I won't recognice your number.

Thank you

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