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05/17/18 08:24 AM #240    


Susan Shinbara (Wells)

Susie, what a beautiful tribute to Stella. My prayers for you in these coming days as you adjust to life without your other half.  May God, your family and friends and wonderful memories comfort and encourage you as you continue as she would have you to - with love and compassion and a ready smile.

05/31/18 11:59 AM #241    

Steve Stephenson


" To all Fred A. Olds Alumni:

  Pat Wheeler will have a sign up sheet at the registration desk Saturday night at the Carolina Country Club for any of the alumni to request  that she E-mail a group picture to them. She will ask the Fred A. Olds alumni to gather with her at 8:00 PM. There will be no microphone there, so she will remind everybody that it is time to gather. She will wave an American flag and ask others to pass the word around."

06/03/18 05:38 PM #242    


Nick Nicholson

I had an absolutely wonderful time at our 55th Reunion activities this weekend. Thanks to Steve, Audry, and Robert for putting this together, and to everyone who attended to make this one of our best reunions. It was great to see everyone. I feel so very formtunate to be a part of the Broughton Class of '63.

06/04/18 08:58 PM #243    


Buddy Brownd

I second that motion!!!!!!!!!!!

Buddy Brownd

06/08/18 11:35 AM #244    


Charles Stott

My mom and dad are smiling down from Heaven saying, "thank you, Charles, for not being able to send us to represent you at your reunion." Looks like our class, again, sent their parents to the party.

06/09/18 02:55 PM #245    


Nick Nicholson

Steve: Thanks for posting your photos from our reunion. They're great.

06/10/18 11:26 AM #246    


Mary Scott

I don't see any reunion pictures.
Where did you see them Nick???

06/10/18 01:41 PM #247    


Anthony Honeycutt

I concur with Mary...  I still have sen no pictures.

06/11/18 11:26 AM #248    


Nick Nicholson

They were posted on June 9 as "New message forum post & page updates" with Charlie Stott's post - "55th Saturday night".

07/02/18 05:09 PM #249    

David Crenshaw

Greetings from David Crenshaw, class of 1963.  I have 2 LATIPACS I am willing to send to someone who may want them.  A  1961 and a 1962.     You can not have my '63!

We had a monster tree fall on our house a year ago or so and had to take everything out of the house and when it all came back we went thru everything.

So if you want one of these, I can sent it to you.

david Crenshaw

08/02/18 01:49 PM #250    


Peggy Bell (Poe)

Hi everyone!  This is just to let you know I have published a book called “Staying at Home God’s Way.”  It is a guide for young women who want to stay at home with their children but don’t think it’s possible financially.  It’s what worked for me while at home with my children for 13 years.  It would make a great wedding or Christmas gift for the young bride or to help your children (or grandchildren) make ends meet as it has many money-saving ideas.  It’s available on - just type the title in the search slot and it will come up.  Check it out on Amazon.  It’s on sale right now so get it while it’s a bargain!

03/01/19 03:27 PM #251    

Kitty Johnson (Throckmorton)

Ann Kennedy Hick's husband Allen died today. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts. Kitty Johnson Throckmorton

04/18/19 04:38 AM #252    

Susie Memory (Baird)



I want to send out a heart/felt thank you to all of you who were kind and thoughtful enough to send a message about Stella.  There are many nights when I have gone through your comments one by one and marveled at the things you have had to say.  I think Stella would have been amazed.  Thank you for your words of comfort.


I saw the picture that Bobby and Mary Susan sent from Europe.  What a great class we have when our members are still doing things like that!  I would love to see more pictures that show the adventurous nature of the Class of 63!


Susie Baird



04/18/19 04:12 PM #253    


Deborah White (Cashwell)

Susie, I’m sure each message you read was straight from the heart of those who love both you and Stella.  I’m glad you took comfort from them.  

I don’t know if you are a Facebook member, but if so, there is a Facebook page just for our class of ‘63.  You might enjoy strolling through the pictures and memories there.  


04/19/19 03:43 PM #254    


Christine Oliver (Oliver)

I have posted sparingly, to say the least, but appreciate those of you who post with some regularity and in awe of Steve who keeps it all together.  Susie, I am very sorry for your loss and can't begin to imagine how difficult it must have been and continues to be.  Bobbie and Mary Susan, what a treat to see the two of you whooping it up in Prague.  I would recognize either of you anywhere.  I am living in Toronto now and continue to work - although at a somewhat slower pace, with an eye towards cutting back in a meaningful way at the end of the year.  Big hug to all!  Christine 




04/21/19 08:58 PM #255    


Mary Susan Kirk (Fulghum)

How great to hear from you, Christine! So happy to know that you are well; would love to know how you landed in Toronto:) Bobbie and I had  blast in Prague and Budapest. Come go with us next time -   she's taling about Istanbul  and other exotic Eastern locales!!! Love and hugs!

07/09/19 02:27 PM #256    

David Crenshaw

Our older daughter is going back to school at UNC Chapel Hill and we are taking some furniture to her in a couple of weeks. So if I make it to Raleigh, I wanted to know the name of that grill that is often visitied by the class reunions...think it is on the west side of downtown.

thanks, david crenshaw

07/10/19 09:57 AM #257    


Roger Cannon

625 East Whitaker Mill Road
Raleigh, NC 27608                  

07/10/19 02:17 PM #258    

David Crenshaw

Thanks, Roger. It has been 13 yrs since I have been to Raleigh....

david crenshaw

07/11/19 07:40 AM #259    


Roger Cannon

I hope that you have time to visit the city. You will be amazed!! Raleigh has exploded in the last few years. There are building cranes all over the city. Enjoy your time here. Raleigh is a great place.

07/13/19 01:32 PM #260    

Tommy Baker



David, welcome home. The town you left has become a city to be proud of, populated by bright young folks (not to mention a few of us older folks) who have helped make Raleigh a fun place to be. I think you will enjoy your visit, and I sincerely doubt you will be in danger from illegals.

If you need restaurant suggestions (there are many), please let me know. For example, our classmate, Parker Kennedy, operates Cafe Luna downtown, and he serves some good eats.

Take care 

Tommy Baker



07/14/19 11:41 AM #261    

David Crenshaw

Thanks to all for the positive comments on Raleight and restuarants.  I have always felt like Raleigh and the Triangle area was one of the best places to live in the US. It always seems to be getting good publicity.

As for the political comments, I had no idea that asking about resturants in Raleigh would lead to these comments.  I don't see our '63 website as an appropriate place for such comments. Let's tone it down.

david crenshaw

07/14/19 12:51 PM #262    


Jim McBride

This has become horrendous.  Please let's keep our politcal opinions to twitter or other means of communications.  We were classmates, some great friends and maybe some just good friends.   I can see and read all the politcal volleyball I want on t.v. and the newspaper.

This forum should be for shared happiness, sometimes sorrow, congratulations and atta boys and girls.  I believe our lives are getting a too short to be used for these kinds of back and forth comments to and from each other. 

Please, let's just be friends.

07/15/19 10:02 AM #263    


Stuart Taylor

charlie! that's a pretty hefty prejudice you're sporting there my bud and EVERY SINGLE TIME you think about those illegals your body produces juices that slowly poison you to death, and on the way cause much sickness and pain. what would you think of concentrating on things that make you happy, like wherever you personally find beauty, or people that love you...hell...i do, or people you love, or just great memories? you are one of the most fortunate people who ever lived, brought up by parents or really good caretakers, with TONS of friends, plenty of play, a home with all the food you wanted, clothes, the best school syatem ever, and the opportunity to be whatever you could be. don't let the thought of people who are less fortunate than you are in EVERY way it can be calculated, who finally get to eat (yeah, on your dollar) kill you! with 7.5 billion people on earth there are 7.5 billion different ways of being a person so i don't profess to tell ANY of y'all how to live, think, or believe! just sayin'!

07/16/19 02:03 PM #264    

James Shutt (Shutt)

Hello to all my classmates from the Class of '63!

First, I would like to say I really like the Website!  Thanks, Steve!

Second, I haven't posted anything prior to this on the forum...I have read thru just about all the posts on it...amazing!  I am touched by the many comments from so many on those of us who have passed on.  Some who have passed I knew, and will miss them as I remember them fondly with great memories.  Some I knew only in passing and proximity, I will miss them, too.

My wife, Cindy, and I have moved seems like our 50 years of marriage is always in a state of change.  NC, SC, TN, WI, back to NC, and now CA.

We now live on a 600 acre ranch just outside of Santa Maria, CA.  Yes, it is a beautiful livestock yet, but thousands of oak trees and beautiful central California Coast mountains.  In the spring (if and when it rains) we get acres and acres of wildflowers which have to be seen to be believed.  We are located 21 miles south of San Luis Obispo just off of Hwy 101.  

We have a standing invitation for any of you heading this way to come visit and stay awhile, sip some good wine, enjoy some great food and recount some tales of past times that probably should not be mentioned.  We have lots of wild life viewing (including mtn lion, bears, black tail deer, wild turkey, quail, bobcats, and other critters).

Our new address is 10199 Suey Creek Rd. ((pronounced like sway), Santa Maria, CA 93454.  Phone is (805)929-5008 ext 2..  You can also contact me by text on my cell at (336) 978-4715.  

Hoping you will be able to vist...I think of you often.

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