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05/07/18 01:08 PM #216    


Charles Stott

Susie I know how close you and Stella were, closer than most twins, even. In fact your entire family was very close, and I really admire that, especially regarding even my distant relatives such as the Memorys.

In reading the Broughton Posts, one constant strings them together, and that is Stella's caring smile and the friendly twinkle in her eyes. The all-encompassing love and empathetic friendship will always remain with me when I remember her. 

I know it will be hard for you and the family to adjust to your loss, but just know that as she has now entered the Church Triumphant, she does so with a reinvigorated new body in Christ. And right now Stella is dancing down Heaven's streets of gold, and maybe even playing cello in the holy symphony!

Thank you Stella for setting such a sterling example forthe rest of us!

Charlie Stott

05/07/18 02:56 PM #217    

Laura Grosch

Dear Susie Memory and family,

We treasure the 2 pictures of Susie and Stella side by side in our 1963 Latipac. We think of your beauty and the beauty of our Earth here in May.

Laura Grosch and Herb Jackson


05/07/18 08:39 PM #218    


Janice Young (Britson)

I just learned Stella Memory Crutchfield's service will be this Wednesday in Greensboro, NC.

"The funeral will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at the West Market Street United Methodist Church, 302 Market Street in Greensboro. Visitation with the family is scheduled for Tuesday, May 8, 2018 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Forbis and Dick Guilford Chapel, 5926 West Friendly Avenue in Greensboro, and, at other times, at the home.

It is also posted in the Raleigh News and Observer, also.!/Obituary



05/08/18 10:13 AM #219    


Jimmy Stephenson


It is with great sadness to learn of Stella's passing.  Remembering you both with kind thoughts now and in the future.


05/08/18 01:48 PM #220    


Marianne Wall (Abicht)

 Susie , so sad to hear this news....  I could have visited if only I had known how close she was to Wilmington;   he smile could light up a room and her gentleness will always be one of many memories.   So glad you could be with her and her husband these hard last times....please keep in touch.  

love and hugs,  Marianne 



05/08/18 05:37 PM #221    

Tommy Baker

We were fortunate in our class to have folks who set wonderful examples, and Stella and Susie set the example of kindness. Thanks to you both for showing us how to treat our fellow man.

Susie, my deepest sympathy. Stella will be cherished, as are you.


05/08/18 08:28 PM #222    


Joan Etchells (Hutchins)

So sad to hear about Stella. I had a lot of classes with you and Stella and I too remember her sweet smile. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

05/09/18 12:09 PM #223    


Carol Lawson (Moore)

Dear Susie and members of Stella's family,

Though my years at Broughton were long ago, my heart retains all the joy and sweetness of those years.  Stella's smile was so welcoming to me as someone who was a newcomer to Raleigh.  She always made me feel so special.  Such a gift, such a warmth, such a lovely person. I rejoice knowing we will all be together again in the Lord's mansion.  Until then, I thank God for the precious earthly gift that Stella was.  Love in Christ, Carol

05/09/18 05:10 PM #224    


Lyn Rothstein (Satisky)

Dear Susie and Family, I am very sorry about your terrible loss. Stella was so sweet and friendly, and I enjoyed being with her when we were in school. I didn’t know that she was sick, so it was a big shock to read. Thinking of y’all with deep sadness. Fondly, Lyn




05/10/18 02:58 PM #225    


Susie Memory (Baird)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear classmates.  The messages you have sent regarding Stella's passing have been so comforting and so helpful.  You have wrapped me up in a big warm blanket.

I thought you might be interested in the words of remembrance that I spoke at Stella's funeral yesterday, quoting many of you and Charles Stott.  I can't imagine how I will live the rest of my life without Stella, but I know that I will always be grateful for your compassion and kindness.


Words of Remembrance at Stella's Funeral

May 9, 2018

I am Susie, Stella's twin, and I have known her since before we were born.  There are dozens of images of Stella in the boxes of photographs that I have at home. 

There is the golden-haired baby Stella, tripping along beside me as we gather eggs from our grandmother's hen house.  There is the curious child Stella, getting ready for our cousin Elizabeth's wedding.  There is the confident almost-grown Stella, standing next to me at the old Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, waiting to receive our high school diplomas.

As we grew older, our lives became more complex, but we never stopped laughing.  Who could forget the time that Stella rode the bus from Raleigh to visit me at Wake Forest?  I was comfortably seated in the Winston-Salem bus station, and Stella walked right behind me without seeing me and caught a cab to the college.  Hours passed before we figured out what had happened and finally got together.

Then there was the time we drove to Memphis to see Elvis Presley's Graceland.  Each room was decorated more outrageously than the one before it, with the result that we started laughing and were unable to stop.  I hurried us along on our tour, worried that true Elvis fans would not appreciate our reaction to the King's decorative talents.

In reading through the cards and letters that people have written about Stella in the last few days, I am struck by the appearance of some common themes.  There are many comments about Stella's sweet smile, her gentle manner, and her kind and generous nature.  I would add to these the observation that Stella did not have a mean bone in her body.  She was incapable of deceit.  She would not hurt a flea.

Stella was one of the rarest of individuals--a person who was truly herself and who was happy in her own skin.  She loved her husband, David, and she loved her home.  Her needs were simple.  She did not require expensive jewelry or exotic trips or designer clothes.  She wanted nothing more than to be at home with David, tending to their cats, drinking the coffee David made for her, and having a good book to read.

I am blessed to have had Stella as my sister.  And as to what she is doing now, I like the image suggested by Charles Stott, a high school classmate.  He wrote that she has "entered the Church Triumphant, with a reinvigorated new body in Christ.  Right now Stella is dancing down the streets of gold, and maybe even playing bass fiddle in the holy symphony."

You probably know that "Stella" is the Latin word for "star."  With that in mind, I would like to close with an adapted quotation from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: 

When she shall die,

Take her and cut her out in little stars

And she will make the face of heaven so fine

That all the world will be in love with night

And pay no worship to the garish sun.



05/11/18 12:00 PM #226    

Tom Belton

Well said.

05/11/18 01:19 PM #227    

Mary Kay Stephenson (Vidaurri)

Beautiful words, Susie, to talk about a truly beautiful person.  Stella was indeed special.

05/11/18 03:49 PM #228    


William J. White

So heartfelt and well written.  Heaven indeed has a wonderful new addition!

05/11/18 05:12 PM #229    

Marietta Hardison (Petters)

Susie, thank you for sharing your words of rememberance.  So sweet!  Thinking of you and David.

05/11/18 05:46 PM #230    

Jayne Mann

Susie,, you are so blessed to have those wonderful sister memories and just know we all are praying for you at this time !!! I will always remember Stella’s gentle spirit and kind nature !!! Look forward to seeing you at the reunion and I will keep you in my prayers!!! Love, Jayne

05/11/18 09:37 PM #231    

Frances Haywood (Bullock)

Susie,  those are beautiful words.   I am sure Stella heard them and smiled her beautiful smile.  Bless you and David.   You had a wonderful sister and she did as well!  My heart is with you!



05/12/18 09:24 AM #232    


Mary Susan Kirk (Fulghum)

Thank you Susie, for sharing your love of Stella and the beautiful reminiscences. I will pray for you and David, that Our Lord will comfort and sustain you and your family. I think that some people slip into heaven and up onto the lap of God more easily than others - Stella is one of those, perfectly at peace now that she is Home.

 Take care of yourself and keep in touch with us. We love you.

Mary Susan 

05/12/18 11:54 AM #233    


Millie Williams (Georgopoulos)

Exquisite words, Susie...You have perfectly captured your sister and my good friend.  Stellla was a very special person.  My love and prayers to all...


05/12/18 12:51 PM #234    


Lynn Davis (Van Dyke)


Like so many others, I was blessed by knowing Stella. I am also blessed to know that she remained the same loving, genuine person throughout her life. She has been an example to us all as she has fought the good fight and finished the race. May God comfort you as you “run your race.”

05/12/18 03:09 PM #235    


Bill Hube

Susie, thank you for sharing all the wonderful memories of times you and Stella shared together - clearly, love was all around. Stella was indeed special, and the two of you made a special pair.

05/13/18 02:37 PM #236    


Robert Liles

Susie,I was saddened to hear of Stella's passing but was uplifted by your words and memories.We are keeping you in our hearts.

05/14/18 05:33 PM #237    


Steve Stephenson

Susie, The response from all your friends has been so awesome. Stella will certianly be missed by us all. May God continue to comfort you during this difficult time. Our loss is certainly Heaven's gain!

05/14/18 08:20 PM #238    


Cam Frazier

Susie - Stella was such a pleasant memory for me - always a smile on her face!  You and Stella’s family are in my thoughts. 

05/16/18 11:50 AM #239    


Sue Wilkinson (Thompson)


What a wonderful testament to the memory of Stella!  She was such a gentle person and soft spoken in her manner.  I know that she will  be missed. Hugs and prayers for you all.  God Bless!

05/17/18 08:24 AM #240    


Susan Shinbara (Wells)

Susie, what a beautiful tribute to Stella. My prayers for you in these coming days as you adjust to life without your other half.  May God, your family and friends and wonderful memories comfort and encourage you as you continue as she would have you to - with love and compassion and a ready smile.

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