Ken Helser

Profile Updated: July 1, 2013
Residing In: Sophia, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Linda Honeycutt
Occupation: Minister of the Gospel all over the world
Children: What matters most is all my children love Jesus. Dustie, my oldest is an artist and just opened an More…eatery called, "The Table." My next, Jodie is a writer, and my only son, Jonathan David, is a prophetic worshipper with his music going all over the world and my baby, Sarah, is becoming a famous artist, each one going beyond their daddy's accomplishments. Praise God!

Became very successful in the music business with several hit records and right at the point of real stardom, reading the Bible, I discovered my "successful" life in shambles. I committed the rest of my life to Jesus Christ. He has restored my marriage, my family and has given music back to me. I travel extensively sharing my life with young leaders in YWAM. It is glorious to be 68 and have 52 acres, called "A PLACE IN THE HEART" where my whole family is involved with empowering youth from many countries to give hope to a failing world. What an honor to be called, "Papa," by young lives who are hungry not just to know God but to learn how to live life. O, the promise of jesus to give us abundant life. John 10:10 and to share is with others is a life worth dying for and a life that will carry way past my grave. If you do not have a vision past your own death, ask for a greater vision!

School Story:

Best of all, is when God told me to go to class of 63' class reunion where the Lord tole me to sing "Chariots of Fire." He showed me that Ducky Johnson's life would be changed if I went. I went. I sang. And afterwards Ducky came up to me, hugged me and told me he loved me while pouring a Budwiser down my back (unintentional). He said that I and God confirmed that he was to go to rehab for his alcohol addiction. On that following Monday he did go for help. Sadly I just read that Ducky died. I pray that my obedience to God by attending that reunion as well as throwing away my pride and honoring God brought Ducky into an eternal relationship with God. O how we CAN affect one another with LIFE!

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Don't normally comment for lack of priorities and time… meaning, we just finished our 7th school at our ministry, A Place for the Heart. Our school is called "The 18 Inch Journey" –– the distance between your head and your heart. We had 32 students from 12 nations, along with interns, staff, etc, for a total of 64 folks living with us for all of June and July. But I respond simply because of where you state you are living: Lake Lure, NC. I was privileged to the camp pastor for 17 summers at a camp on Lake Lure called, "Camp Lurecrest." All of those summers with my family serving as a minister to 250 kids for 3 or more 10 day sessions was life changing. From the teen age girls I learned: "Girls look at girls more than guys look at girls." I learned that if girls bring 10 outfits to camp they have to have 10 pairs of shoes to match, plus I never met a teen age girl during those 17 summers who liked their hair. As for boys… I learned the the outward man is a whole lot more expressive than the inner man. They can be loud, crazy obnoxious, and full of ego, but when it came to accepting Jesus Christ as Lord of their life, they melted like crazy and became the real man that was always hidden on the inside. And that brings me to you…

As I read a few comments I put together that you are a widow, living alone, with your grandchildren, and for that I wish to express first my sadness of your having lost someone dear to your life. My wife, Linda, and I are about to celebrate our 70th birthdays, as well as 48 years of marriage, but best of all, 44 years of living in Christ and following His purposes for our lives. It is my heart for you that we both send our love, prayers, and desire for life to become more valuable and expressive than ever before. I pray the Lord Himself, become the "husband to the husbandless and a father to the fatherless." That is His nature!

We, my son, Jonathan David, and his wife Melissa, run the ministry together here, and we started this summer's session on "The Journey" with this thought from A W Tozer:
"What you think about God is the most important thing about you." I pray for Him to reveal Himself to you as the Loving Father that He really is and His peace keep your heart in such a place that your last years become your best years. Ken Helser

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