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Robert Bashford

Robert Bashford

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01/05/20 07:38 AM #1    

Suzy Williams (Morgan)

I am so very sorry.  I sat next to Robert in my elementary school class at Wiley School in the 4th and 5th grades.  I remember him foldly as he was just such a smart and a nice guy.  A BEAUTIFUL LIFE !


01/05/20 02:20 PM #2    

William J. White

A true Southern Gentleman who is missed by thousands. At Broughton, he was a  kind son of a plumber who was fun to be around. I didn't catch back up with him until he came to Wilmington to practice medicine as an OBGYN who was loved by his patients. Then he was off to become a psychiatrist with  an affinity for children. He certainlyy left a great legacy which we all can aspire to.

01/06/20 10:04 AM #3    

John Foxworth

Bill, Roberty's dad wasn't just a plumber. He owned a decent size company, one of the largest plumbing contractors in Raleigh at the time.  Just saying...

01/06/20 07:53 PM #4    

Rusty Britt

My fondest memory of Robert was walking home from Wiley and falling into the creek by his home. I went to his house where his mother gave me some dry clothes, as close to the ones I had on,  to wear home. And, silly me thinking my mother would not notice I was wearing different clothes than when I left for school that morning. 


Not a fun evening at my home that evening .....

01/06/20 07:54 PM #5    

Chris Monteleon

Bash's senior-year Latipac, of him, "There are some men who are born to be the best."  He was not one who would leave that his high-school and college-years' wit only were of simple humor.  His peers elected him president of Kappa Alpha Order.  It was known his scholastic achievement made significant contribution towards keeping his house in good academic standing.  He was a leader, then.

That he successfully would rededicate his life to healing those in deep, physic pain: Is that not the best of men.

Obituary and services,

01/07/20 11:39 AM #6    

Nick Nicholson

I'm so sorry to hear about Robert's passing. We were friends at Broughton, and fraternity brothers at State. He will be fondly remembered by many people. RIP Bash...

01/07/20 11:51 AM #7    

Ginger Grier (Booker)

I have a memory, clear as day, also a photo in the attic, of Robert at the closing ceremony of Mrs. Ligon's kindergarten on St. Mary's Street.  We were all gathered in a semi-circle around the flag pole and Robert was either saying something or getting his "diploma."  He had on his white shirt, short pants and white lace-ups.  Even then, he had this droll look on his face and the gift of being able to say something that would make you crack up!  What a legacy Robert leaves in his contributions to the medical community and to parts of our state most in need of medical care.  

01/08/20 12:18 PM #8    

Eddie (Ed) Schwerin

Robert is a fond memory that stands out in a long life of memories. He will be missed for that and his contributions to making the world a better place . Rest easy and thank you for a life well lived, Robert.


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